Meet Featured Artisan Anna of Go With The Flo!

About Go With The Flo
Since 2005, Go With The Flo Pads has been revolutionizing womens' menstrual times. The women behind Go With The Flo believe our menstrual cycle is a time of renewal and regeneration. Our reusable cloth menstrual pads provide discreet and reliable comfort; the best choice for women who care about themselves and the earth.   

What got you into sewing? 
I've sewed since I was a kid, but I began sewing seriously over 8 years ago when my first child was born. She needed some diapers that didn't leak like the disposables we were using, and I taught myself pattern drafting, designing, sewing and serging. 

What was the first item you ever made?
I made clothing and accessories for my Barbie dolls.   

Do you have a favorite product to make?
That would easily be Go With The Flo cloth pads. I've made so many hundreds of pads since taking over the business from the creator, Robin, I can practically do them in my sleep. The variety of beautiful colors breaks the monotony of sewing through a huge stack, too. Even more specifically, I have a favorite pad to make. Perhaps because it's a new design, or because it's constructed a bit differently than all the others...The Go With The Flo Shaped Series is a change up in the normal pad routine. I'm pretty excited about making this design available next month!  

Where do you find your greatest inspiration/motivation?
Most often, my motivation to sew every night comes from the reality that my family needs the extra income. I try to keep it fun, though. I research color trends and listen to different styles of music while dying fabric to get inspired with new color combinations. 

How to you balance work and family? 

Mom and teacher by day, professional business woman by night. lol! I've learned work and family need to stay separate or one of the two suffers. So, I keep fairly strict bedtimes, school hours and naptimes to keep everyone happy and healthy.  

What led you to become a WAHM?
I had a product that others wanted to buy! At first it was just a hobby business, but as I learned more about running a successful business, my company evolved into the serious venture it is today.

Onto the giveaway details!

Anna is giving away 2 pads:
1 10" Shaped Maxi
1 8" Shaped Maxi 

To enter, post a comment to this blog post to say the reason you switched to cloth pads or why you would like to switch to cloth pads to be entered in our giveaway (required).

For additional entries:
* Visit Go With The Flo and post your favorite item as a comment on this post
* Follow the team blog and leave a separate comment telling us you are a follower
* Fan the team on Facebook and leave a separate comment telling us you did so 

Please make sure to leave each comment in a separate post, and be sure to give us a way to get in touch with you in case you win! Winner will be picked using on Monday, August 30th.

*** CONGRATS  MOONSTONEMAMA! pulled up the number 2. ***

5 Responses to “Meet Featured Artisan Anna of Go With The Flo!”

Moonstonemama said...

I switched to mama cloth after the birth of my DD. A hemorrhage after birth and 10 weeks of bleeding after that necessitated something other than plastic backed pads.

Moonstonemama said...

I really like Go the With The Flo 9in Standard Mini pad Pegasus. Such pretty colors!

Autumn said...

I saw this on facebook...

I switched to cloth after my kids were born, I never see myself switching back. It's far to economical, and so much better for my skin and body.