Back to school fun

Summer is coming to an end, children are starting school. Are you going to pack up those ice cream sandwich molds you said you'd use "all the time"? Don't pack them up yet! Use them to make some fun treats for your kids. Mold rice crispy treats, rice into fun onigiri shapes or use them to mold hard boiled eggs! The process is very simple and it's fast, I like to make a few at a time and keep them in the fridge for quick lunch packing or snacks.

Boil eggs until hard boiled. Peel off shell while hot, place hot egg into the mold.

If using an actual egg mold just close it up, for the ice cream sandwich molds hold the mold together with rubber bands. *I wet the molds before putting the eggs in.*

Place in an water and ice bath for 10 minutes. Remove from molds. I find that it is harder to remove the eggs if I am using the ice cream sandwich molds due to the details on the faces and star. So try to do this carefully.

*this was first posted at Give Peas A Chance*

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