Featured Artist: Blossom Pads

How did you first start your business?
I started sewing cloth diapers about 8 years ago, to add to our cloth diaper stash. With a large family, cloth diapering was not only a green way to go, but also a frugal option. With the encouragement of family and friends I decided to try selling online and opened up Bellies, Babies 'n More in 2007. In 2009, Blossom Pads officially opened and has been growing ever since. 

What is your favorite item you've created and why?
Some of my favorite items are the cloth pads that I have made for young ladies, many as young as 10. When I hear back about how happy they were when they got their pad packages in the mail, it really brightens my day! I send those packages hoping that the fun prints that they find inside will make "that time of the month" a bit easier to handle...especially at such a young age.

You have two different business names...are you changing to Blossom from Babies Bellies n more?
When I first started Bellies, Babies 'n More, I was offering cloth diapers, fleece diaper covers and diapering accessories. In the past year, I felt that I needed a change, but wanted to continue making natural family products. I had been selling mama cloth off and on for a while and really enjoyed working on something special for women wanting reusable options to disposable pads. So, I decided to open up Blossom and see if I was ready to leave Bellies, Babies 'n More. This spring I made the tough decision to close the diaper end of my business and focus strictly on Blossom. I have been very happy with my choice and excited to be directing my attention on expanding and offering new products at Blossom Pads.

What is your favorite thing about your business?
I love the fact that I can work from home surrounded by my family. My husband and I have six children, ages 17 to 2, that we homeschool. Working for myself allows me to spend the day dissecting owl pellets, going on hikes or working with my husband while devoting my evenings to Blossom. We are a very close family, and although it may be difficult and a bit crazy at times, I cannot imagine working anywhere else.

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