Making Fruit Look Good

"Can I bring anything?"

I seem to ask that question at least once a week throughout the summer months as the invitations to pool parties and BBQs pile up. 

I used to rack my brains trying to come up with something which would keep me away from my stove, but which wasn't a salad. 

Then a few weeks ago I ran across a tutorial from fruit-basket-creations and my life became simpler overnight.


2 pineapples
Half cantaloupe (or a small one)
Half honeydew melon
2, 16oz strawberries
Black grapes (oz)

Their tutorial makes it really simple to spend some fun time in the kitchen and, best of all, you really don't need to invest in fancy tools or equipment. Chances are you have everything in your kitchen already. 

And boy, do the kids love to wield those cookie cutters!


Flower-shaped metal cookie cutters
10” Bamboo skewers ( oz)
1 Melon baler
1 head of lettuce
Bunch of green or purple kale
Crinkle cutter (ripple potato slicer)
Some pairing knives
Medium basket or plastic container or ceramic container
Cutting board (optional)
Clear plastic wrap (cellophane wrap)

The only thing I'd recommend is putting some pebbles at the bottom of the basket (the fruit tends to make it top-heavy) and using some floral oasis (those green blocks that florists soak in water to keep everything fresh and stable) on top of it to fit the skewers into.

Instructions for that top basket can be found here.

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