Follow your Dream

Yesterday I stumbled across a blogpost on a photographer's website about this incredible woman - and I felt her story could be an inspiration to us all.

In the 1970s  Diana Nyad was a long-distance swimmer who broke various world records and set more than a few (including the one for circling Manhattan Island which has yet to be broken). But her dream was always to swim from Cuba to Florida (a 100 mile swim). She attempted it in 1978, but the swim had to be abandoned due to bad weather conditions and treacherous currents. She swam from the Bahamas to Florida in 1979 (a 102.5 mile swim), but never got around to her original goal.

Nyad's life took a different turn after that. She was a tv and newspaper journalist for almost 3 decades before she made a decision to fulfill her dream.

Three decades!

Now, at age 60 she is ready to take on the challenge of making her dream a reality.

Without a shark cage this time!

On July 11th 2010, Diana completed a 24 Consecutive Hour training swim, (also without a shark cage)  - in preparation for the swim she has dreamt of for so long.

Her FB page can be found here, and you can also follow her on Twitter.
For myself, I am really looking forward to the big swim!

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