Caring for your silver jewellery

Silver tarnishes over time - courtesy of sulfides in the air. The greater the humidity and the air pollution the faster that silver will tarnish.

When that happens, a quick buff with some soft cotton cloth will work wonders. Or, if you don't have the patience or the elbow grease, use a polishing cloth.

Don't be tempted to use a dip without reading the fine print. For the most part they will harm whatever else is on your jewellery (pearls, semi-precious stones), and if you don't rinse the piece properly residue will remain. And it's hard to get it off. And whatever you do .. don't use a toothbrush!

Things that will help prevent tarnishing:

* Don't wear your jewellery when doing housework - or to the spa.
* Store your jewellery with small anti-tarnish strips in small bags (or a box)

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Lisa said...

Thanks for the nice tips on caring for your silver jewellery. It is the real fact that the silver jewellery tarnishes after some time with the reaction of pollution and humidity. But now we can prevent our silver jewellery for long time with the help of these great tips.