Featured Artisan Friday ~ SEWsational Sarah

I'm Sarah, the WAHM behind SEWsational Sarah. I live in Northern New York State with my husband John and our 4 year old daughter Faith.

I've always sewn, well almost always. I started at about age 8. I've always liked sewing, but after my daughter was born, sewing became a passion. First, i started sewing her cloth diapers. That evolved into cute matching shirts and outfits. And from there it has blossomed into a small work at home mom business.

I don't enjoy "cookie cutter" sewing, so very rarely will you see me create the same look twice. Each item i make is a unique creation. I enjoy mixing and matching prints, colors and designs to make exciting one of a kind clothing.

But SEWsational Sarah is so much more than clothing. I also make handbags and carriers of all sorts. I enjoy sewing housewares and quilts. The variety of items I offer reflects my personality and my ever evolving creative nature.

Just a couple of my favorite shots of my princess modeling her mama made clothing. Nothing keeps me going more than her pleasure in sporting something I have created for her.

Question & Answer from my fellow teammates -

How long have you been sewing? I started at age 8.

What was the first item you ever sewed? A skirt to earn a badge in Girl Scouts. It was a sailboat print woven fabric, and i was so proud of myself. Wish now i had saved it.

What is your favorite thing to make? By far baby clothing. I just love itty bitty babies and making sweet little clothing is so fun.

What's your biggest business challenge? Wanting to keep items for myself is my biggest challenge, i create items that inspire me, color combinations i like, I tend to gravitate towards fabrics that are my taste/style, so when items are complete i sometimes struggle to let go.

What inspires you to create and keeps you going? Definately my inspiration is my daughter Faith. She loves handmade clothing, toys and other items and her enthusiasm over her mama made items is always a huge boost to my moral.

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