Getting ready for Halloween: Spider Web Paintings

October is here ... and you know what that means ... Halloween is right around the corner! Halloween is my favorite holiday of all and we spend a lot of time getting ready for it. Here is a fun activity to get you started on your Halloween preparations ♥

Spider Web Paintings

Marble painting is one of my kids' favorite activities! For Halloween, we make marble paint spider webs to hang in the windows.
To marble paint, you will need a square or rectangular box, preferably with a lid, paper cut to fit in the bottom of the box, marbles and paint. For the spider webs, we usually use black paper white or silver paint.
Tape the paper to the inside bottom of the box. Roll your marbles in paint and drop them in. Tilt the box to roll the marbles around, creating a spider web as they roll. Remove and roll in paint as needed. For a surprise web, cover the box, tilt/shake, then remove lid to check out your web.
Once the web is dry, you can add a black or purple or green pom pom spider. For ore fun, glue on little wiggle eyes!

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2 Responses to “Getting ready for Halloween: Spider Web Paintings”

ArtSnark said...

what a cute idea! Can't wait to try this with my 1st grader. Thanks for sharing

LeslieGallery said...

Oh I can't wait to do this with my nieces. what a cool and creative idea