Random Mommy Tips

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I don't know about you, but I'm always looking for new ideas to help keep a busy household full of young children running smoothly and well organized.  I've chosen to share a few of my favorite "Mommy tips" today.  Please feel free to share your favorite tips as well!

Making Tooth Brushing Fun
Has your child's dentist given you "the timer"?  We have little yellow and purple timers in every bathroom x3 and good golly those things take forever!  So to help pass the time while giving each individual tooth a good brushing, they get a big dose of "Mommy Tunes".  The little ones usually hear the alphabet song; once through for the tops (not too fast) then again in the silliest, most out of tune dramatic rendition I can muster for the bottoms.  At a certain point they outgrow the need to hear the ABC's (although I still brush their teeth well into first grade) and we switch to The Fifty Nifty United States:

I'm sure my little ones aren't the first 4 and 5 years to learn all fifty states, but it certainly is a fun way to brush and learn something at the same time. Sometimes we have Fifty Nifty races to see who can sing it the fastest! I had to chuckle at the sports blood that runs through our family when my son shouted "STATE" after O-hi-o. I'm not a big sports fan myself, but apparently he's heard plenty of talk about Ohio State from Daddy's ESPN talk shows!

From time to time I throw a loop in the routine with Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer in June or other random silliness. Which illustrates my second super Mom tip of the day;

Keep Things Silly!

On the verge of misbehavior? Do something silly! A laugh can quickly change their path. Grumpy faces and grouchy moods get tickles in our house. You can't stay grumpy long when you're laughing hysterically. Besides avoiding the downhill slide of bad behavior, it helps relieve the Mommy stress too! Have you ever tried tickling someone without smiling? Have fun, be silly, and enjoy the blessings of parenthood!

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